The Global Cyber Institute is the first institute of its kind to address the critical threats of a cyber world by focusing on the intersection of law, business, policy, and technology.

Current research and education areas include the Dark Web, cyber insurance, business risk management, media management, breach reporting, incident response technologies, mitigating ransomware and malware, privacy and cyber compliance tools, cyber law, cybersecurity regulations and policies, cyber governance and control, backup and recovery, and threat intelligence. GCI’s impact is especially emphasized through its network. We have brought together leaders from different industries all over the world to solidify understandings and technicalities of the complex world of cyber. Cyber threats and risks are becoming ever more prevalent, and it is important to unify those who have the influence to formulate effective determent policy. Learn from them, work with them, and discover with them.


Our objective is to provide a conceptual framework for the design of cybersecurity policy and technology to leading technologists, corporate executives, and policymakers worldwide. This is accomplished by offering unique training and thought leadership, bringing together leaders from a wide variety of sectors to engage in academic discourse. The Institute is in partnership with UCLA and offers six rigorous courses that certify participants in the following fields: business, insurance, information security, forensics, policy, and law.


Our goal is to transform education through teaching participants hands-on how to solve cybersecurity problems, to engage its students in the fundamentals of the cyber world, and to empower them in their respective industries to make positive and informed decisions when faced with cybersecurity issues. How we educate our students online, on campus, and around the world, will shape the new digital era in understanding the world of cyber. GCI’s breadth of interdisciplinary exploration and involvement is applicable to a wide variety of fields, maximizing the impact.

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