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UCLA Extension and GCI Cyber Certificate Program for Judges, Arbitrators, and Mediators

UCLA Extension and GCI Cyber Certificate Program for Judges, Arbitrators, and Mediators empowers arbitrators and mediators with knowledge and tools to be effective in resolving complex cyber driven disputes and understand how to better secure their environments.

UCLA Extension and GCI Cyber Certificate Program for Judges, Arbitrators, and Mediators provides education and training on  how to secure information, how to prevent and handle a cyber security breach, and how to mediate and arbitrate complex cyber disputes.  The class addresses both procedural and substantive considerations in resolving complex cyber disputes,  including the admissibility of hacked evidence, questions of attribution of conduct, and practical, actionable measures to improve the cybersecurity of arbitration-related information.

The program also examines issues relating to international arbitration and  how to address the rapidly changing cybersecurity and  data privacy laws that obligate parties to reasonably secure information. The class also will examine the ethical obligations both around the confidentiality of information and the actions taken when a cybersecurity breach occurs specific to arbitrators and mediators.

Mediators and arbitrators will leave the course with not only a broad cybersecurity knowledge but an expertise on the unique issues facing arbitration and an awareness of the technologies available to secure information. The course is eligible for CPE, CE, and CLE credits, including ethics.

The curriculum was built for arbitrators and mediators from the ground up with a focus on cyber security literacy, law and policy, securing your practice, and risk management.  The class is rigorous and requires preparation before attending. The lessons all draw from real-world experience of the distinguished faculty.

UCLA Extension and GCI Cyber Certificate Program for Judges, Arbitrators, and Mediators meets the same high academic standards of UCLA Extension’s graduate programs, with a challenging interdisciplinary curriculum designed to prepare cyber security executives to excel in their field.

This UCLA Extension course qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Roll up your sleeves to solve real-world challenges and use practices developed by top companies and learn from some of the best in the field.

Day 2 PM
Terminology of Threats,
Software, Hardware, and LE
Overview of 1st Party,
3rd Party, and Other
Tips and Tools to Prepare
for Cyber Mediation
State of the Law
Threats, actors and
Review endorsements and
standalone claims
Recommendations for
Managing Pre-Mediation Call
Reviewing Arbitration
Clauses in Cyber Policies
Browse the Dark Web
and Buy Bit Coin
Understand how to analyze
a cyber insurance dispute
Strategies for Mediating
Cyber Claims
Review unique international
cyber threats
view unique risks and
strategies and tools to secure
your practice
Strategies and tips for
evaluating a policy
Real-world Simulation
of Cyber Mediation
Examine the legal and policy
regimes for resolving
international cyber disputes

Engage. Learn. Network.

This program is designed to prepare lawyers with a broader and more strategic understanding of the critical role that cyber risk management plays in organizational growth and success in connection with the law. Participants gain technical, analytical, and communication skills through our robust interdisciplinary curriculum, which seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the new cyber security threats and players.

The certificate explores the vulnerabilities that arise from the use of cyberspace. The certificate coursework explores how the United States and the many other nations are responding to those vulnerabilities and how to analyze the policy and legal frameworks that are developing.

  • Surf the Dark Web and buy Ransomware.
  • Analyze and review cyber insurance policies and understand arbitration clause language issues.
  • Learn how to mediate a cybersecurity insurance coverage dispute. Best practices for developing an incident response plans
  • Develop and learn how to deploy cybersecurity tools tools and techniques to protect your practice.
  • Obtain a firm grasp of the cybersecurity terms and concepts that are critical to being an effective arbitrator and mediator for cybersecurity disputes. 
  • Study and practice in simulated environment mediating data breach disputes.

2018 Dates & Locations

*Dates & locations are subject to change


The programs cost $4,200 in the United States and $5,500 outside of the United States. The government rate is $1999 globally. The price of both programs includes all course materials and access to UCLA Extension’s online facilities. The in-classroom program also includes continental breakfast & lunch, but do not include additional expenses such as parking. Group discounts are available for teams of 3 or more individuals.


Daniel Garrie
Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare

David Cass
Chief Information Security Officer

Hilik Kotler
Chief Information Security Officer

Mark Mermelstein
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Shannon Willison
Beazley Group

Eric Jensen
Brigham Young University
Professor of Law

Michael Gold
Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Mitchell LLP
Corporate and Litigation Partner

Chris Poole

Chris Poole
Chief Executive Officer