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UCLA Extension and GCI Digital Forensics Certificate Program for Attorneys

UCLA Extension and GCI Digital Forensics Certificate Program for Attorneys provides attorneys with hands on experience and expertise with computer forensics from lawyers, practitioners, and professors. The program is specifically designed for Attorneys that simplifies the technical aspects of digital forensics into a non-technical discussion that benefits all involved.

The program brings together legal scholars and cyber security experts to provide lawyers the chance to learn and engage in a variety of cyber security challenges, especially those related to the identification, acquisition and introduction of digital evidence in civil and criminal cases and how to prepare and depose digital forensic experts and strategies for understanding a digital forensics expert report.

The course allows legal practitioners to learn the fundamental concepts of computer forensics from a technical and legal perspective. This hybrid curriculum teaches lawyers the basics of forensics and law, giving lawyers a firm grasp of the most pertinent technologies, as well as the legal and management parameters necessary for application involving any matters of digital evidence.

Instructors are practicing and former senior government, legal, technical, insurance, and business executives in the field of computer forensics, cyber security, and law. This amazing faculty allows this three day seminar to bring real-world experience in leading computer forensic investigations, high-stake litigation hinging on digital forensics, and amazing digital forensic expert witnesses and consultants on some of the biggest disputes this century.

The concepts, practices, legal requirements, and case studies presented throughout the course are from the viewpoint of forensics experts and lawyers. They draw from real examples of computer forensic investigations, trade secret disputes, internal data breaches, and internal investigations. The course involves attending an rigorous three day in-person class and doing some pre-class work. The content and structure of the series allows lawyers who do not have a background in digital forensics security  to be successful and offer new areas of knowledge and applied practice for lawyers who have prior digital forensics experience.  The course is eligible for CLE credits, including ethics.

UCLA Extension and GCI Digital Forensics Certificate Program for Attorneys is a unique three day seminar providing students with an integrated hands on technical experience with continuing legal education.

UCLA Extension and GCI Digital Forensics Certificate Program for Attorneys meets the same high academic standards of UCLA Extension’s graduate programs, with a challenging interdisciplinary curriculum designed to educate and empower lawyers to better manage complex digital forensic issues.

This UCLA Extension course qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Roll up your sleeves to solve real-world challenges and learn to use practices developed by top companies from some of the best in the field.

UNIT 1 – BASICS (pre-class) UNIT 2 – Day 1 UNIT 3 – Day 2 UNIT 4 – Day 3
Terminology of Hardware,
Software, and the Cloud
Install forensic software
and set-up case.
Understand search theory
and limitations of software
State of the Law
Review types of digital
Acquire and process
Best practices for analysis
including timeline
Create and review a checklist
for digital forensic issues
Read relevant case law
regarding use of experts
Review best practices for
how and when to select an
Explain unallocated space and
recover  unalloocated space for
a case.
How to prepare and depose
an digital forensic expert.
Fundamentals of a cyber
security program
Legal strategies and motions
specific to digital forensics
How to write a Forensic
Protocol and get agreement
Legal techniques and tips
for digital forensics.

Engage. Learn. Network.

This seminar is designed to giver lawyers a hands on experience integrated with continuing legal education. This is a one of kind course taught by professors, practitioners, and lawyers with experience and expertise.  Participants gain hands-on technical, analytical, and communication skills through our robust interdisciplinary curriculum, which seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of digital forensics.

The seminar offers lawyers a chance to directly engage and learn the technicalities behind computer forensics, delivering relevant, condensed exposure necessary in order to effectively communicate with their clients. The certificate coursework offers lawyers valuable and unique insights on legal strategies, techniques, and processes specific to digital forensics.

Lawyers from a big or small firm will get invaluable training and insights that will allow them to excel in a variety of roles: (1) Internal investigations, (2) Data breach or incident response, (3) Trade secret litigation, (4) Human resource driven investigations, and (5) Complex civil litigation.  Students will be introduced to technical and legal concepts in sufficient detail to understand the complexity and challenges of forensics in the ever changing technical environment.  The program will also include an examination of the application of traditional laws relating to the use of experts and ethical issues arising from the use of digital evidence.

Participants that successfully complete the course walk away with having completed the following:

  • Acquire evidence from a disk.
  • Process and search a disk for evidence.
  •   Recover deleted files from a disk.
  • Templates and practices you can employ in your practice. 
  • Network with distinguished members of your industry.

2019 Dates & Locations

*Dates & locations are subject to change


The programs cost $4,200 in the United States and $5,500 outside of the United States. The government rate is $1999 globally. The price of both programs includes all course materials and access to UCLA Extension’s online facilities. The in-classroom program also includes continental breakfast & lunch, but do not include additional expenses such as parking. Group discounts are available for teams of 3 or more individuals.


Daniel Garrie
Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare

Bill Spernow
Forensic Scan LLC
Chief Forensic Officer

David Cass
Chief Information Security Officer