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UCLA Extension and GCI Cyber Certificate Program for Insurance Executives

The UCLA and GCI Cyber Certificate Program for Insurance Executives is the first of its kind training and certification program aimed at educating insurance professionals about fundamental IT perils, cyber coverage and risk management. Participants who complete this course gain technical knowledge to effectively respond to cyber risk exposures from an enterprise risk management perspective. Students also will be in a better position to make better underwriting, claims and pricing decisions by accurately analyzing cyber risk coverage for various insurance policies.

The reality is that today cyber threats, data breach and data loss have permeated every industry segment, with large and small businesses vulnerable to hack attacks and crimes, malicious viruses and network security risks. This emerging threat makes headlines each and every day with companies and organizations looking to beef up their cyber security to mitigate risks. Executives who understand cybersecurity in the context of insurance thus have a competitive advantage.

This program provides its participants with the opportunity to see and directly experience emerging cybersecurity technologies, ensuring students are informed on the most recent discoveries in the field. The curriculum was built for insurance executives from the ground up with a focus on cyber security literacy, law and policy, and risk management.  The class is rigorous and requires preparation before attending.

This program is designed to meet the diverse and robust needs across the various disciplines in insurance.

The UCLA Extension and GCI Cyber Certificate Program for Insurance Executives meets the same high academic standards of UCLA’s Extension’s graduate programs, with a challenging interdisciplinary curriculum designed to prepare cyber security executives to excel in their field.

This UCLA Extension course qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Roll up your sleeves to solve real-world challenges and learn to use practices developed by top companies from some of the best in the field.

UNIT 1 – BASICS (pre-class) UNIT 2 – INSURANCE (Day 1) UNIT 3 – RISK/TOOLS (Day 1/2) UNIT 4 – LAW (Day 2)
Terms – Threats,
Software, Hardware, and LE
Overview of 1st Party,
3rd Party, and Other
Risk Management
State of the Law
Threats, actors and
Understanding Cloud and
Cyber Security Insurance
Understanding the
policy language
National Security
Law and Policy
Incident Response Plan  Review Case Law and Discuss
Emerging Trends
Strategies to Manage
through a breach
Understanding Breach
Fundamentals of a cyber
security program
Strategies and tips for
evaluating a policy
Cyber Security Controls
and Processes
Overview of GDPR and
Dark Web – Learn How
to buy malware using Bitcoin
Cyberwarfare v. Cyber
Simulations and table
top exercises
Best practices for
managing outside counsel

Engage. Learn. Network.

The UCLA Extension and GCI Cyber Certificate Program for Insurance Executives is designed to train and develop critical skills for senior leaders operating in the cyber security insurance sector. The program prepares working insurance executives so that they can more effectively analyze, manage and build cyber security competencies to assist their clients and their company in this rapidly changing field.  The program also provides participants with the insight and expertise needed to solve real world cyber security problems, recommend practical and strategic solutions, and to communicate results to clients and peers

Participants gain technical, analytical, and communication skills through our robust interdisciplinary curriculum, which seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the new cyber security threats and players.

Walk away with having completed the following:

  •  Risk management
  • Help organizations establish a cyber risk appetite
  • Promote awareness and education with security executives
  • Discuss strategies for on-going management and monitoring of cyber risks
  •  Network among your fellow high-ranking peers in the industry
  • Help organizations respond to incidents and leverage the benefits of having the right insurance coverage 
  • Technology and operations
  • Create cyber risk analytical and threat modelling capabilities 
  • Help organizations deploy processes and technology solutions to create a more comprehensive cyber security program

2019 Dates & Locations

*Dates & locations are subject to change

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The programs cost $4,200 in the United States and $5,500 outside of the United States. The government rate is $1999 globally. The price of both programs includes all course materials and access to UCLA Extension’s online facilities. The in-classroom program also includes continental breakfast & lunch, but do not include additional expenses such as parking. Group discounts are available for teams of 3 or more individuals.


Daniel Garrie
Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare

David Cass
Chief Information Security Officer

Roland Cloutier

Hilik Kotler
Chief Information Security Officer

Anne Winner
Assistant Vice President, Chubb Cyber Product Team

Robert Kang
Loyola Law School
Adjunct Professor

Peter Halprin
Cardozo School of Law
Adjunct Professor of Law

Shiraz Saeed
Starr Companies
National Practice Leader

Vlad Brodsky
OTC Markets Group
Chief Information Security Officer

Tom Ricketts
Aon Risk Solutions
Practice Leader

Niten Jaiswal
Broadridge Financial Solutions
Vice President – Cloud Services Group

Edwin Doyle
Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.
Leading New Customer Engagement in Cybersecurity

Peter Marta
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Executive Director, Assistant General Counsel for Cybersecurity